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Battle Of Stalingrad

Battle of Stalingrad

Date of The Battle
The Battle of Stalingrad started on the 19 of August 1942. It was key turning point in World War II. It was also one of the most violent and bloody battles in WW2. It ended 2  February 1943.

German Soldiers

Countries Involved
The countries involved at Stalingrad were Germany and Russia. Germany used its blitzkrieg tactic to invad Russia. No other countries came into the battle to help Germany or Russia.

Casualties of the Cold

Some damage of the battle


Details Of  the Battle
**Hitler innitially attacked the Soviet Union to gain its resources such as oil.
**The German and Russian armies had no regard for civilain life.
**Hitlers attack from the southern front would leave him vonerable to a counter attack from anywhere.
**Major partof allied voctory in WW2 because it was Hitlers last offencive move and destroyed most of his army.
** German soldiers had Russians surrounded in Stalingrad for many months.
** The Germans were inturn surrounded by Russian reinforcments and forced to surrender.
**Blitzkreig worked extremely well at first and broke through the Russian lines easily and quickly.
**Hitler made the mistake of claiming victory before the battle was even near over.
**Hitler attacked Stalingrad because it was named after Russian Leader Stalin Hitler felt it defied him.
**German army met resistance from Russian locals protecting their homes.
**German Commanders warned Hitler that they wouldn't be able to hold defensive positions during the winter but Hitler was set on captureing Stalingrad and ignored them.
** The Germans came closer and closer to te Center of the city.
**As  they closed in moral dropped due to the large losses and the fear of the counter attack by the Russians.
** Russian counter attack came on November 19th.
**The Counter attack was completed by the 23rd. It had cut off more than a quarter million Germans.
**Hitler wouldn't let them try to escape tp the West and and airsupply failed.
**Russian soldiers had heard about POW camps and most would rather have been killed in battle, this decreased the amount of prisoners Germany captured.
**German bombings did alot of damage because most buidlings were made of wood.However the russians fought valiantly and pulled though.
**The bulk of the Germans Surrendered on Jamuary 31st. But a small force held out for two more days further north.
**Many heroes emerged on both sides, Russian sergeant Pavlov and a single platoon defended one house for 59 days. He was completly surrounded until reinforcemnts came. Also Vasily Zaitsev was an incredible sniper and was credited with killing 242 Germans.
**One german and 12 of his troops stormed a buidling killed dozens of Russians and Captured 80.

German Bombing run.

Outcome of the Battle
The outcome of the battle was the Soviets had a decisive victory over the Axis Powers. Both armies suffered heavy losses, bloody and a gruesome war but the Soviets came out succesful.

Red Army Headquarters

There were heavy caualties for both fighting countries. The casualties for the Axis Powers (Germany) were 850 000 military troops. The casualties for Russia were much heavier at 750 000+ miliary troops, 45 000+ civilian. The total amount of casualties estimates to 1.2 million.

Battle For Stalingrad
World War II